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ORGANIC - Whole Hibiscus Flower

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Delicious as an iced tea through the summer months. It's also said that ancient Egyptian pharaohs drank hibiscus tea to help maintain a normal body temperature and stay cool. In Iran, hibiscus tea is used to relieve occasional restlessness and sleep problems.

Botanical Name: Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Origin: Egypt

Sourced from an Australian Certified Organic Supplier

  • Ingredients: Whole Hibiscus Flower
  • Brew: 1/2 tsp per 250mls for 3-5 minutes @ 80◦C
  • Serve: Personally prefer brewed as an iced tea. Check out our brewing page for more details. 
  • Flavour: Tart and Tangy but fresh 
  • Properties: Detox, antioxidant, clear skin, lower blood pressure
  • Storage: Cool dark pantry in an airtight container or tin
  • Caffeine Free: yes